At Studio 3.0 we believe that great design begins with a story.  We begin each venture by listening, working with our clients to understand their story and their aspirations.  With this as a starting point, we craft a narrative unique to each project – regardless of scale – which reflects these goals and guides the design process as the project evolves.  The results are bold, expressive contributions to the built environment, driven not by a singular design aesthetic, but rather by a deep understanding each project’s core ambition.

Studio 3.0 is lead by principal Josh Slater.  Josh has been obsessed with design for as long as he can remember:  After outgrowing Legos around the age of 15 he turned his attention to more permanent structures, and won his first national architecture competition while still in high school. Josh attended Cornell University where he received his Bachelor of Architecture.  He is licensed in Massachusetts, and has significant design experience with both new construction and renovation work, including numerous single family and multi-family residences, as well as commercial, retail, and restaurant projects.